Sparkly Moo & Molly Moo by Moo Moo Signatures


Happy weekend everyone!

Today I am featuring two new colours from Moo Moo Signatures – Sparkly Moo and Molly Moo. The inspiration behind these two colours derived from Mei Mei’s other obsession of needle felting.

Sparkly Moo is inspired and named after Moo Moo Sparkly (see pic of MMS here). Sparkly Moo is a gorgeous concoction of plum holo base accented with gold, red, blue holo iridescent glitters and purple flakies. The consistency was superb with strong holo effect and application was heavenly smooth. I only needed two coats for full opacity.sparklymoosparklymoo(1)sparklymoo(2)sparklymoo(5)sparklymoo(3)sparklymoo(4)

Molly Moo is inspired and named after Moo Moo Molly (see pic of MMS here). Molly Moo is a unique mix of grey holo with sterling silver and gunmetal flakies, silver ultra holo glitters and flakies. The consistency was a tiny bit thick which is understandable considering so much magical ingredients were mixed inside. But it certainly did not hinder the application process. The holo effect is a little more muted as compared to Sparkly Moo which is pretty normal for a grey holo. I used three coats for the photos.mollymoomollymoo(1)mollymoo(4)mollymoo(2)mollymoo(3)mollymoo(5)mollymoo(6)

Mei Mei again hit the ball out of the park with these two new creations! The colour, the mix, the consistency and not forgetting the inspiration behind these two colours are much to be raved about! I love both of them but if I have to pick and since I normally have a penchant for plum colours I’d pick Sparkly Moo!

You can purchase Moo Moo Signatures’ polishes (Big 3 Free) or grab yourself a cute Moo over HERE.

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*These were generously provided by the creator for my honest review.

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