Diamond & Once In A Blue Moo by Moo Moo Signatures


Hi everyone! It is a long weekend over here in Singapore as we are celebrating our 50th year of independence!

Today I am very excited to share with you a new to me brand by Moo Moo Signatures though I am not unfamiliar with its creator. She is none other than the owner of Mei Mei Signatures.

Other than being a stockist for a wide range of indie polish brands she actually has a full time job and now she has ventured in to needle felting and making her own brand of polishes! And not forgetting she has a life outside of all those mayhem too! Sometimes I suspect she is not a human but actually a supersonic machine. I simply cannot comprehend how she does all that. I started buying nail polishes from her when I started my addiction a few years ago and she has the most impeccable customer service which I have mentioned a couple of times before! Through all that I have been fortunate to become great friends with her!

Let’s move on to the pretty stuff shall we?

Diamond which I have on my ring fingernail is described as an ultra strong silver holographic polish accented with sterling silver micro silver flakies and small amount of tiny green and red flakies. Application was a cinch and covered my nail beautifully in two coats. I don’t usually buy silver holographic polish these days as there are just too many variations out there but this is just so sparkly and flattering on the nails! I added the blue star studs to amp up the look more. I do have to apologies that I did not manage to capture it as beautifully as it actually is.

Next we have Once In A Blue Moo that just took my breath away! It is an insanely gorgeous blurple (blue & purple mix) crelly base with colour shifting tiny purple and green flakies. It was a very saturated, opaque and a dream to apply. This was said to be a one coater but it is rare that a polish could be one coater on my big nail bed. The only advise I would give is to apply less strokes on the same area to avoid dragging and creating bald spots as it dried pretty fast. No fault on its formula at all but just a better technic to apply this. I used two coats with topcoat on the rest of my fingernails. Btw this looks great without topcoat too creating a suede like effect.onceinabluemoo(5)onceinabluemoo(4)onceinabluemooonceinabluemoo(6)onceinabluemoo(1)onceinabluemoo(7)onceinabluemoo(3)onceinabluemoo(8)

Mei Mei knows what she is doing and she does it with perfection on these. I absolutely love both of them but Once In A Blue Moo just took my breath away a million times more! Great job my dear friend!

Mei Mei told me that the current version of Diamond has gone in to remission but a new rendition is coming soon! So do look out for that as I am sure it will be just as gorgeous!

You can purchase Moo Moo Signatures’ polishes (Big 3 Free) and if you are in to needle felting don’t forget to check out her Moo Moo too (they are cute as a button!) over HERE.

Don’t forget to follow Moo Moo Signatures’ Facebook and Moo Moo Signatures’ Instagram for any updates!

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Coral-A-Glow-Glow By Polish Addict Nail Color

I have for you today yet another Mei Mei Signatures’ exclusive shade, Coral-A-Glow-Glow by Polish Addict Nail Color. A really fun glow in the dark coral jelly base with white and pink hex glitters. Formula was quite sheer and this is not meant to wear on its own. Glitters distribution was even. The glow was strong but you do need to charge it under a fluorescent lamp to get the glow to appear. I coated three coats over two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and a coat of topcoat. Gosh that’s six coats on my nails! coralaglowglow4coralaglowglowcoralaglowglow1coralaglowglow2coralaglowglow3

I think this is a really fun polish but I wished that it could be a little more opaque so that I don’t have to use so many coats of polishes on my nails.

Coral-A-Glow-Glow retails exclusively at Mei Mei Signatures for SGD$16. This was sent to me by Mei Mei Signatures for my honest review.


Para-Para-Paradise By Black Cat Lacquer

It’s weekend again and the last day of August already. I can’t believe that Christmas will be just a few months away. Cliché it may sound but time really passes darn fast.

Today I have for you an exclusive shade to Mei Mei Signatures’ online store by Black Cat Lacquer, Para-para-paradise. It is a soft white crelly base suspended with mix of pink, purple, white and silver in hex, stars and round glitters. I didn’t have any issue with the formula and I loved that the crelly base wasn’t sticky. But I did find some really odd looking glitters that obviously do not belong, like it had broke from the regular glitters. You can see it from my thumb and middle nails. Though at two coats it wasn’t opaque enough, I didn’t want to coat a third as it may just made it all looked too overcrowding and thick. I kinda liked it this way.paraparaparadiseparaparaparadise1paraparaparadise2

This is exclusively available at Mei Mei Signatures and it retails for SGD$15. This was provided by Mei Mei Signatures for my honest review.


Up In Smoke By Enchanted Polish

I got to ask do you have a pet peeve relating to shopping online? For me it is the lack of communication from the sellers. I dislike to be left hanging without responding to my query. In my opinion if you want to run a business prompt service and response is important factor. I am pretty much an impatient person and it takes just two to three days of unanswered emails to drive me UP IN SMOKE but having said that I have waited patiently for packages for more than two months and that was because there was numerous communications between myself and the sellers, at least I know they were attentive to my queries. I have dealt with online retailers, though very few, who didn’t reply till like a week later. But you aren’t getting such crappy service from Mei Mei Signatures, she has impeccable customer service and it is always a pleasure to deal with her.

So last month was Mei Mei Signatures’ birthday and she had the honour to collaborate with Enchanted Polish to create a gorgeous birthday shade, Up In Smoke, for her online store exclusively. I was elated I managed to grab a bottle of it as we all know by now how hard it is to score a bottle of Enchanted Polish these days.

Up In Smoke is a gorgeous dusty purple gray holo with flawless application. All it took was two coats for opacity. I did not use a topcoat over it as I was afraid that it may dull the holo effect. So pretty! upinsmokeupinsmoke1upinsmoke2
With flashupinsmoke3

I absolutely love this. It is such a pretty and delicate colour and love it against my skin tone. Unfortunately this is limited edition and highly possible that it will not make a come back. But I suggest you should stalk Mei Mei Signatures at her Facebook Page or Instagram just in case it does make a come back. 😉


Banana And Watermelon by The Nail Junkie

Hello Monday. It’s the start of a new week and we are already half way through July. I am feeling a little lethargic which is a norm for Monday. My brain is on auto pilot mode which means I feel like I am just gliding through the day like a zombie. 😛

Though my day seems a little lethargic and boring, good thing I have two super bright swatch of The Nail Junkie to perk things up a little. The Nail Junkie is an US indie brand that is 3 Free and cruelty free. What is really uniquely cute about The Nail Junkie is that they label their 0.5oz bottles without names but pictures, a first for indie brands.

Banana. A neon yellow jelly base with subtle shimmer. This was pretty sheer and I had to use four coats to get somewhat opaque but luckily application was smooth and self leveling, and didn’t end up a gloppy mess like some jelly base that I have tried before.bananabanana1banana2

Watermelon is a neon red orange jelly base with subtle scattered holo particles. This leans more orange than red. OMG, seriously just omg, can this get any more neon?! It is so neon that my photo actually looked a little like I had color splashed it. The formula on this was perfect and I only needed two coats for the photos. But the name confuses me a little, this doesn’t seem very watermelon, it resembles more of an orange or tomato to me. Loving it!watermelonwatermelon1watermelon2

This is what I feel summer colours should look like! Both of these are super bright and traffic stopping colours. I prefer Watermelon to Banana just so because it is super neon and has a better formula.

These were sent to me generously by Mei Mei Signatures for my honest review. 🙂

You can buy these at The Nail Junkie Etsy and Mei Mei Signatures.


Glam Polish Swatch Part 3: Star Candy (Mei Mei Signatures Exclusive)

Today I am very thrill to show you a rather special colour, Star Candy by Glam Polish, an exclusive shade available only at Mei Mei Signatures! This is a glitter topper in a clear base with awesome mix of neon pink, blue, yellow and green in hex, square, hex and star shaped glitters. Formula was good, I didn’t have any issue getting the glitters out and it all laid flat on the nails. All I needed was one coat to make my nails looked colourful and fun! I did two different base colours to show you how it can turn out to be.

One coat over Barry M Greenberry with topcoat.starcandystarcandy1starcandy2

One coat over OPI I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw with top coat.starcandy3starcandy4starcandy5

I cannot stress enough how much I adore Glam Polish and this one totally rocks too! The neon glitters are just so much fun and so suitable for summer. This will definitely be listed as one of my favourite glitters topper this year!

You can view Part 1 and 2 of my Glam Polish swatches HERE and HERE respectively.

This can only be purchase at Mei Mei Signatures. Do yourself a favour, get a bottle now, you will not regret it. 🙂


Man Eater by Lumina Lacquer

This is going to be a quick post as it is too darn hot for me to want to do anything at all. You see, where I live which is Singapore is currently affected by the forest fire from Indonesia, hence we are getting a lot of haze which is at unhealthy level. Mega haze equal to freaking hot weather and difficulty in breathing for some. Even doing effortless things like typing out a blog post makes me sweat my pants! Argh! Stupid haze!

Man Eater by Lumina Lacquer is a glitter bomb topper consist of reflective silver half moon, heart, hex in different sizes, big round and black stars glitters. And I also noticed a small amount of tiny bar black glitters which didn’t translate to the nails. The formula on this was a little thick and I had to use the dab and placing methods to paint it else it will appear overcrowding on the nails. It has a lot going on and super reflective. The photo showing one coat over two coats of Color Club Wild Orchid with topcoat. You probably need two to three coats of topcoat for this.

I am on the fence with this one as I think there is too much going on,  kinda overcrowding if I’ll be honest. If you like super reflective nails this is for you.  I probably will prefer it to have none of the heart glitters and less of the hex glitters.

You can buy this from Mei Mei Signatures and this was sent to me by Mei Mei Signatures for review.

Update: I want to add that the glitters lie flat on the nails though it looked like it curled on the photos.