O Holy Night Collection by Lilypad Lacquer (Beauty So Fly’s Exclusive)


Hi everyone! Christmas is just around the corner and have you decked your house with Christmas decors, bought your Christmas presents and making a food and drink list for the party? Many who knows me knows that Christmas is one of my favourite holiday! There is a lot to be rejoice and happy about even if you are not a Christian; the food, drinks, presents and most importantly spending quality time with the family!

Today I am very excited to be back with a blog post on a Christmas carol inspired theme – O Holy Night by Lilypad Lacquer exclusively available at Beauty So Fly. It contains two cool shades for those who prefer a winter feel and two warmer shades for those who need to feel the Christmas warm.

Angels Sing is a sweet cornflower blue holo with gold micro flakies. The consistency is slightly thicker than the rest of the collection and there was also a slight unevenness but it will even out once you applied the topcoat. I must add that I had a mini bottle for sample swatch so that could be the reason for the less than perfect end result. Having said that it applied easily. I used 3 coats for the photos.angelssingangelssing1angelssing2angelssing5angelssing4

Let me start by mentioning the biggest disclaimer on the next shade, Glorious Day, it is total pain in the ass to capture the colour correctly on any camera and every photos that I took of this turned out differently. But it is a gorgeous soft greyish lilac holo accented beautifully with copper fakies. The consistency is perfect and applied smoothly. My photos just do not justify the gorgeousness of this colour and I’m actually surprise this works against my skin tone, in real life that is. I used 3 coats for the photos.gloriousday3gloriousday2gloriousdaygloriousday1

Kingdom Reign is what I called a perfect Christmas tree green shade. It is a very flattering emerald green holo swimming with green shimmers and micro flakies. I couldn’t wish for a better consistency and it is so saturated that it applied smoothly in 2 coats.kingdomreignkingdomreign1kingdomreign3kingdomreign2

I saved the best for last and can I just start off by saying I gasped when I saw the bottle. Royal Birth is a gorgeous vampy oxblood red accented with scattered rainbow holo and flakies. The jelly consistency is top notch and applied smoothly! And oh this totally reminds me of Christmas fruitcake! I just cannot stop staring at my nails when I had it on as it is so sparkly! I used 3 coats for the photos.royalbirthroyalbirth1royalbirth3royalbirth2royalbirth4

This collection is very well executed with choices of cooler and warmer shades to choose from. If the wallet allows I’d say get the whole collection but if you have to choose Royal Birth is the obvious choice. This is such a breath taking shade not to be missed and totally an apt shade for the festive season. And hey oxblood shade is all the rave this year isn’t it?

This collection will be launching exclusively at Beauty So Fly on 14 December 2015 at 9:30PM SGT retailing at SGD$18 per bottle or $65 as a set. Set your alarm!

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Shades of Singapore Collection by Lilypad Lacquer

Hi everyone! Today I am very excited to share with you swatches of a new Lilypad Lacquer collection dear to my heart as it is inspired from my homeland Singapore

These 6 colours collection, Beauty So Fly consists of 6 scattered holographic in wide spectrum of shades. I’ll sum up the formula here as most of them have the same consistency unless stated otherwise. They have great if not flawless formula, super opaque and dried fast. The holo effects are subtly pretty and most of them dried to a semi matte so top coat are definitely unavoidable. They are sufficient to cover the nails in 2 coats and 1 coat of topcoat.

*Warning* This post is going to be pictures heavy and possibly wordy.

Singapore Skyline is inspired by our skyline of course! Over the last few years Singapore’s skyline definitely have underwent a makeover. Singapore is a tiny island with limited (or maybe none) natural beauty but I am proud of what we have made it to become today. Anyway, Singapore Skyline is one of my favourite of this collection; it is a gorgeous indigo scattered holo base with abundance of copper flecks. The copper flecks are easily visible in all lightings and it is what makes this colour so sparkly, gorgeous and unique!singapore skyline by lilypad lacquersingapore skyline by lilypad lacquer(1)singapore skyline by lilypad lacquer(2)singapore skyline by lilypad lacquer(3)singapore skyline by lilypad lacquer(5)With flashsingapore skyline by lilypad lacquer(6)

National Beauty’s inspiration is based on our national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim, an orchid hybrid. You can read more about our national flower here. National Beauty is an eye catching violet shade with purple shimmers. This somehow has a thicker consistency than the rest but nowhere near problematic to apply. This is not a usual colour I would reach for but nonetheless pretty. I couldn’t capture the colour accurately for this so I used my Iphone 5 for the following photos.national beauty by lilypad lacquernational beauty by lilypad lacquer(4)national beauty by lilypad lacquer(3)national beauty by lilypad lacquer(2)national beauty by lilypad lacquer(1)

With flash.national beauty by lilypad lacquer(5)

Clean And Green. Singapore has been moving towards being a clean and green country. We are definitely clean (if you have been here you’d know what I mean) but not too sure if we have reached the satisfying green level. We are getting there for sure. Clean And Green is a lime green holo with subtle pink shimmers. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the pink shimmers in the photos. A very cheerful colour that I would wear often and hey it’s a green! The pink shimmers seem to come alive on low light.clean and green by lilypad lacquerclean and green by lilypad lacquer(1)clean and green by lilypad lacquer(4)clean and green by lilypad lacquer(5)clean and green by lilypad lacquer(2)With flash.clean and green by lilypad lacquer(6)

Durian Dreamin’ is inspired by the tropical fruit, Durian, widely popular in Singapore and many parts of Asia. It is not a fruit for the faint hearted; the smell and taste can be very pungent and awful to some yet delicious to many. I belong to the former. Durian Dreamin’ is a deep mossy green with gold flecks and shimmers. This is a colour that has me written all over it.durian dreamin by lilypad lacquerdurian dreamin by lilypad lacquer(1)durian dreamin by lilypad lacquer(4)durian dreamin by lilypad lacquer(3)durian dreamin by lilypad lacquer(2)With flash.durian dreamin by lilypad lacquer(6)

Chilli Crab, a dish commonly eaten amongst many consist of crabs cooked with starchy chilli sauce and eggs. It is best paired with fried bread bun dipped in to the fiery sauce and no utensils needed; dig in with hands! This is a fiery red with orange undertone and white gold flecks. A colour that is very flattering against my skin tone.chilli crab by lilypad lacquerchilli crab by lilypad lacquer(2)chilli crab by lilypad lacquer(4)chilli crab by lilypad lacquer(1)chilli crab by lilypad lacquer(3)With flash.chilli crab by lilypad lacquer(5)

I saved the best for the last, Summer Never Ends. Singapore has four seasons, hot, hotter, hottest and overheated! Haha. There is no four seasons in Singapore of course; it is whole year round summer. We are the typical tropical country where you either get a lot of sun or it pours heavily. Summer Never Ends is a breathtaking neon coral with ample gold flecks and shimmers. Consistency is so great and self-levelling that I didn’t mind the faint holo effect. It actually looked brighter in real life than on my photos as my camera were freaked out by its bright neon colour. This will definitly suit any kind of skintones!summer never ends by lilypad lacquer(1)summer never ends by lilypad lacquer(2)summer never ends by lilypad lacquer(3)summer never ends by lilypad lacquer(4)summer never ends by lilypad lacquer(6)summer never ends by lilypad lacquer(5)summer never ends by lilypad lacquerWith flash.summer never ends by lilypad lacquer(7)

Overall this is a very well executed collection but my heart goes to the uniqueness of Singapore Skyline for the copper flecks against the indigo holo base and Summer Never Ends which is an unexpected mad love for me; it is so bright, flattering and cheerful! Summer Never Ends is going in to my All Time Favourites list!

Ok phew there you have it, sorry I took so long to put this out. I am a little anal and wanted this to be a great post. So if you have stick around till now thank you and hope you have enjoyed this post.

You can buy this collection exclusively at Beauty So Fly at SGD$18 each bottle.


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