O Holy Night Collection by Lilypad Lacquer (Beauty So Fly’s Exclusive)


Hi everyone! Christmas is just around the corner and have you decked your house with Christmas decors, bought your Christmas presents and making a food and drink list for the party? Many who knows me knows that Christmas is one of my favourite holiday! There is a lot to be rejoice and happy about even if you are not a Christian; the food, drinks, presents and most importantly spending quality time with the family!

Today I am very excited to be back with a blog post on a Christmas carol inspired theme – O Holy Night by Lilypad Lacquer exclusively available at Beauty So Fly. It contains two cool shades for those who prefer a winter feel and two warmer shades for those who need to feel the Christmas warm.

Angels Sing is a sweet cornflower blue holo with gold micro flakies. The consistency is slightly thicker than the rest of the collection and there was also a slight unevenness but it will even out once you applied the topcoat. I must add that I had a mini bottle for sample swatch so that could be the reason for the less than perfect end result. Having said that it applied easily. I used 3 coats for the photos.angelssingangelssing1angelssing2angelssing5angelssing4

Let me start by mentioning the biggest disclaimer on the next shade, Glorious Day, it is total pain in the ass to capture the colour correctly on any camera and every photos that I took of this turned out differently. But it is a gorgeous soft greyish lilac holo accented beautifully with copper fakies. The consistency is perfect and applied smoothly. My photos just do not justify the gorgeousness of this colour and I’m actually surprise this works against my skin tone, in real life that is. I used 3 coats for the photos.gloriousday3gloriousday2gloriousdaygloriousday1

Kingdom Reign is what I called a perfect Christmas tree green shade. It is a very flattering emerald green holo swimming with green shimmers and micro flakies. I couldn’t wish for a better consistency and it is so saturated that it applied smoothly in 2 coats.kingdomreignkingdomreign1kingdomreign3kingdomreign2

I saved the best for last and can I just start off by saying I gasped when I saw the bottle. Royal Birth is a gorgeous vampy oxblood red accented with scattered rainbow holo and flakies. The jelly consistency is top notch and applied smoothly! And oh this totally reminds me of Christmas fruitcake! I just cannot stop staring at my nails when I had it on as it is so sparkly! I used 3 coats for the photos.royalbirthroyalbirth1royalbirth3royalbirth2royalbirth4

This collection is very well executed with choices of cooler and warmer shades to choose from. If the wallet allows I’d say get the whole collection but if you have to choose Royal Birth is the obvious choice. This is such a breath taking shade not to be missed and totally an apt shade for the festive season. And hey oxblood shade is all the rave this year isn’t it?

This collection will be launching exclusively at Beauty So Fly on 14 December 2015 at 9:30PM SGT retailing at SGD$18 per bottle or $65 as a set. Set your alarm!

❤ ❤ ❤

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KbShimmer Spring Collection 2013

I have for you today KbShimmer Spring Collection 2013. I know I’m a year overdue with these swatches but hey better late than never right? There are 9 colours in this collection and I have all but Square Away and Pastel Me More to show you.

Spring Training is soft mint crelly complimented with blue, red, pink, lavender and gold glitters in various shapes and sizes. Formula was a little thin but not runny. This was supposed to have a hint of freesia scent but I didn’t notice it at all, probably because the scent has faded after a year. This was a breezy 3 coats application with topcoat.kbshimmer spring trainingkbshimmer spring training(4)kbshimmer spring training(3)kbshimmer spring training(1)

Where My Peeps At is a fun looking yellow crelly with pink, magenta, blue, green and gold dot glitters and some micro glitters. Despite it being a little thin application was great and not runny. I totally dig dot glitters and like the yellow again my skin tone. This was 3 coats with topcoat.kbshimmer where my peeps atkbshimmer where my peeps at(1)kbshimmer where my peeps at(2)kbshimmer where my peeps at(3)

Lottie Dottie is a white crelly with magenta and blue dot glitters and tiny bar glitters. I’m usually not a fan of bar glitters but as long as they are tiny and not sticking out of the nail somewhere. Application was easy peasy. Photos are showing 3 coats with topcoat.kbshimmer lottie dottiekbshimmer lottie dottie(1)kbshimmer lottie dottie(4)kbshimmer lottie dottie(3)kbshimmer lottie dottie(2)

Iris My Case is a creamy lilac base with purple, white, blue, pink and white hex glitters in various sizes. Application was a breeze once again with 3 thin coats. I like that it translate a soft sweet look on the nails. Topcoat was added.kbshimmer iris my casekbshimmer iris my case(3)kbshimmer iris my case(2)kbshimmer iris my case(4)

Get Clover It is an emerald green jelly base with green and gold dot glitters and micro glitters. I appreciate that the formula was made thin so that it is easy to build up for the depth to peek through the layers. I prefer it on its own and you can achieve opacity with 3 coats. Topcoat was added.kbshimmer get clover itkbshimmer get clover(1) itkbshimmer get clover(3) itkbshimmer get clover(2) itkbshimmer get clover(4) it

A Dot Mess is a clear base glitter topper with magenta and black dot glitters, tiny bar glitters and micro glitters. Application was fuss free and no fishing required. Photos are showing 1 coat over 2 coats of OPI Pink Friday with topcoat. I’m on the fence with this one. It looked kinda too busy on the nails (a dot mess indeed) for my liking. Apt name though! kbshimmer a dot messkbshimmer a dot mess(1)kbshimmer a dot mess(3)kbshimmer a dot mess(2)

I saved the best for last; I Got A Crush On Blue is a breathtaking deep blue jelly base with holographic silver glitters in various sizes. Application was excellent and smooth though some slight fishing for the bigger glitters required. Typically with this type of densely packed glitter polish I like to paint the first coat with fewer glitters and more on the second and third coat to prevent it from dragging. It is so sparkly and breathtaking that it reminds me of sapphire gemstones and diamonds. This will go in to one of my all time favourite indies! Photos are showing 3 coats and a coat of topcoat.kbshimmer i got a crush on bluekbshimmer i got a crush on blue(1)kbshimmer i got a crush on blue(3)kbshimmer i got a crush on blue(2)kbshimmer i got a crush on blue(4)kbshimmer i got a crush on blue(5)

This is a very well executed collection I must say. I am fond of Get Clover It, Lottie Dottie but the crown goes to I Got A Crush On Blue without a doubt!

Some of these colours are still available for purchase over at Kbshimmer online store and Harlow & Co..


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Mei Mei Signatures Exclusive Shade: Purple Fairy by Liquid Sky Lacquer

The indie polish trend has started two or three years there about and as of now there are so many fantastic indie brands that I can hardly keep up. As it is my drawers are overflowing and that hasn’t stopped me from buying. 😛 I like to applaud all the indie polish makers out there for putting in so much effort and time to create so many wonderful polishes. So, thank you!

Having said that Liquid Sky Lacquer is a new brand to me introduced by Mei Mei Signatures. It is an US indie brand created by Carolyn and all of her polishes are made with 3 free suspension base and stainless steel mixing beads. I have Purple Fairy swatch today and this is an exclusive shade to Mei Mei Signatures online store only.

It is a purple shade leaning a little towards lilac with scattered holographic glitters. You can wear this shade two ways, textured without topcoat or glossy with topcoat. Formula is a little thick but still easy and smooth to apply. The holo effect is more prominent with top coat on but it is at its best under sunlight. I did notice that removing it the normal way can be a little challenging due to the nature of the formula so I used the foil removal method which took everything off in less than 5 minutes. I will be showing you photos in textured and glossy in my light box.

Textured, no top coat added.

Glossy, with one coat of topcoat.purplefairy3purplefairy5

And one more glossy with topcoat with flash.purplefairy6

I am pretty happy with this and like the fact that it looks great textured or glossy but personally I prefer it glossy with topcoat which creates a softer look.

You can buy this exclusively at Mei Mei Signatures only. This was sent to me by Mei Mei Signatures for my unbiased honest review. 🙂

Disclaimer: My photos look a tad purple, it is a shade lighter.


Zoya Lovely Collection Swatch

About a week plus ago when I saw that our Instagram followers have “exploded” to 100 followers I was really thrilled and happy. I know it’s a tiny number of followers compare to many great instagramers’ gazillion followers. But I called that our tiny milestones. We didn’t know what to expect and so this little milestones mean a lot to us. It is very encouraging to know that some people actually like us enough to follow us on our blog, instagram and FB. We are very grateful and thank you! So we will try our best to bring you more swatches whenever we can.

Today I have some Zoya Love Collection swatch to show you. As all of our nail polishes are purchased by us, unless stated otherwise, we only wanted to buy those that caught our eyes. Hence I didn’t buy the whole collection of Zoya Lovely Collection. Zoya is one of my favourite brand of nail polishes. I love their colours and they have one of the most consistence high quality formula. They usually glide on like a dream. I just wished that someday they will ship to Singapore.

Neely is a light mint green creme shade. Formula is great, glides on smoothly and even without topcoat it is very glossy! A must have colour for spring! This was two coats and one coat of topcoat.neelyneely1neely2

Blu is a baby blue creme shade. This is what I call a perfect baby blue! A very dense and crisp looking colour. Again, the formula is perfect. Most of the time with pastel creme you probably need three to four coats to even out the patchiness but this and even Neely only needed two coats.  This is going to be my favourite baby blue creme of all time from now on! Love!

Jacqueline is a nude pale beige creme. Again this is very dense looking. A great alternative to the other usual nude beige that may pulled a little dead on the nails. The first coat went on a little patchy and streaky but still very easy to work with and I only needed two coats for opacity.

Julie is a pale lilac shimmer with a blue undertone. I had a little application issue. It was a little thick and I needed three coats to even it out.

Piaf is a golden yellow shimmer. A really nice colour and unique in my collection too. I am sure this will look very pretty in direct sun light. Formula is surprisingly good for being a yellow. No application issue. This was two coats plus one coat of topcoat.

I love this collection! Great pastel colours for spring. Though this collection may not be totally unique and may be easily dupeable, I still love how dense and crisp looking these are. I have seen many brands put out pastel collection in the past and most of them had issue with applications but the formula in these are just perfect. Even the one that I had issue with wasn’t that of a big deal. My favourite of the bunch is Blu, such a perfect baby blue, very sweet looking.

Btw if you think we are alright, please check us out at facebook page or at our instagram page @thenailsquad. 🙂