All Time Favourites

Hi polish fanatics! I was just thinking a few days ago after swatching some really pretty shades, I should dedicate and share a post about my all time favourite polishes and pin it at the top of the menu bar. I will update this list on and off as I swatched or chance upon a beauty. So here goes…

In no particular order…
● Summer Never Ends (Beauty So Fly exclusives) by Lilypad Lacquer – swatched here

● Dark Terror duo (Mei Mei Signatures’ exclusives) by Glam Polish – swatched here

● Escape To The Petit Trianon by Powder Perfect – swatched here

● Across The Universe by Enchanted Polish – swatched here

● Perfect Day by Wing Dust Collection – here

● Widow’s Walk by Powder Perfect – swatched here

● I Got A Crush On Blue by KbShimmer – swatched here

● O’hara by piCture pOlish – swatched here

● Get Weaponized by Girly Bits – swatched here

● Huangshan Elevation Polish – swatched here
(*unfortunately this has been discountinued)

● Destiny by Illamasqua – swatched here

● Blood Of The Mountain by Pahlish – swatched here

● The Dark Defender by Cadillacquer – swatched here

● Dance Legend Termo Shine 180 – swatched here

● Ferris Wheel At Dusk by Chaos & Crocodiles – swatched here

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