Diamond & Once In A Blue Moo by Moo Moo Signatures


Hi everyone! It is a long weekend over here in Singapore as we are celebrating our 50th year of independence!

Today I am very excited to share with you a new to me brand by Moo Moo Signatures though I am not unfamiliar with its creator. She is none other than the owner of Mei Mei Signatures.

Other than being a stockist for a wide range of indie polish brands she actually has a full time job and now she has ventured in to needle felting and making her own brand of polishes! And not forgetting she has a life outside of all those mayhem too! Sometimes I suspect she is not a human but actually a supersonic machine. I simply cannot comprehend how she does all that. I started buying nail polishes from her when I started my addiction a few years ago and she has the most impeccable customer service which I have mentioned a couple of times before! Through all that I have been fortunate to become great friends with her!

Let’s move on to the pretty stuff shall we?

Diamond which I have on my ring fingernail is described as an ultra strong silver holographic polish accented with sterling silver micro silver flakies and small amount of tiny green and red flakies. Application was a cinch and covered my nail beautifully in two coats. I don’t usually buy silver holographic polish these days as there are just too many variations out there but this is just so sparkly and flattering on the nails! I added the blue star studs to amp up the look more. I do have to apologies that I did not manage to capture it as beautifully as it actually is.

Next we have Once In A Blue Moo that just took my breath away! It is an insanely gorgeous blurple (blue & purple mix) crelly base with colour shifting tiny purple and green flakies. It was a very saturated, opaque and a dream to apply. This was said to be a one coater but it is rare that a polish could be one coater on my big nail bed. The only advise I would give is to apply less strokes on the same area to avoid dragging and creating bald spots as it dried pretty fast. No fault on its formula at all but just a better technic to apply this. I used two coats with topcoat on the rest of my fingernails. Btw this looks great without topcoat too creating a suede like effect.onceinabluemoo(5)onceinabluemoo(4)onceinabluemooonceinabluemoo(6)onceinabluemoo(1)onceinabluemoo(7)onceinabluemoo(3)onceinabluemoo(8)

Mei Mei knows what she is doing and she does it with perfection on these. I absolutely love both of them but Once In A Blue Moo just took my breath away a million times more! Great job my dear friend!

Mei Mei told me that the current version of Diamond has gone in to remission but a new rendition is coming soon! So do look out for that as I am sure it will be just as gorgeous!

You can purchase Moo Moo Signatures’ polishes (Big 3 Free) and if you are in to needle felting don’t forget to check out her Moo Moo too (they are cute as a button!) over HERE.

Don’t forget to follow Moo Moo Signatures’ Facebook and Moo Moo Signatures’ Instagram for any updates!

❤ ❤ ❤

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