Chocolate Obsession by Liquid Sky Lacquer

Hi polish world! I am sure everyone has their personal favourite type of finish for a nail polish, for me I dig holographic polishes. I fancy holographic polishes in any form; linear, scattered, multi chrome or infused with flakies. I just love seeing how the holographic effect dance with spectrum of colours under different lightings.

Now we are so used to seeing the usual shades of holographic polishes but I get really excited when I chance upon a unique or an unusual shade like Chocolate Obsession by Liquid Sky Lacquer. As the name self explained it is a saturated chocolate brown shade with medium holographic effect. This was a cinch to apply and felt kinda buttery if you know what I mean. I only needed 2 coats with a coat of topcoat for my photos.chocolateobsessionchocolateobsession(1)chocolateobsession(2)chocolateobsession(3)chocolateobsession(4)chocolateobsession(5)chocolateobsession(6)

As I have mentioned before that I am usually not a brown shade girl but I totally dig this. The name is so apt on this and made my nails looked like I was coated with real chocolate! Very yummilicious worthy!

I purchased my bottle of Chocolate Obsession from Mei Mei Signatures or you can check out Liquid Sky Lacquer’s online store HERE.

❀ ❀ ❀

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