Rave by Jindie Nails

Hello folks! Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope everyone had a great Christmas or still having an extended celebration? I had a great time with my family and the extended family as usual. Maybe I ate and had too much fun that I came down with a fever and sore throat yesterday. If that is so I’d say it was worth it!

Today I am going to show you an oldies from Jindie Nails. I was digging through my stash and found that I’ve left this untouched for so long.

Rave is a white crelly base with magenta, blue, neon green, yellow hex and round glitters. The formula is a little on the sheer side and it required 4 coats for my nail length. I like the fact that the glitters were not buried despite using 4 coats. It was also self levelling.rave by jindie nailsrave by jindie nails(1)rave by jindie nails(2)rave by jindie nails(3)rave by jindie nails(4)

If I’ll be honest I am less incline to use glitters polishes these days due to the removal process but I’m glad that I revisited this again. It is very pretty on the nails and it reminded me why I loved it so much in the first place and I have tons of polishes like these in my stash… untouched still!

You can still find Rave at Jindie Nails and Mei Mei Signatures. Otherwise check at these Authorized Distributors

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