Hinglajgarh Forest by Elevation Polish

Hi all! Sorry for missing in action for a while as I was busying with wedding preparation and right after the wedding I went for a little getaway with my mum and sis. Yes, you heard it right with my mum and sis without the hubby. Haha! We are not going for honeymoon right away till January.

Anyway my wedding was perfect, almost perfect actually. No wedding would be perfect without some tiny hiccups, right? Most importantly we had a really fun and lovely wedding.

We are in the month of December and that means it is time to start feeling Christmassy. My choice of mani and swatches tend to lean towards Christmas inspired colour during this time of the year. To kick off that Christmas vibe I am going to show you a green shade!

Hinglajgarh Forest by Elevation Polish is a cool medium green with subtle holographic effect. The formula was a tad on the thick side but far from being terrible. It is rather an interesting shade of green and I am pretty sure it is unique in my stash. All it took was 2 coats for opacity.
hinglajgarh forest by elevation polishhinglajgarh forest by elevation polish(1)hinglajgarh forest by elevation polish(3)hinglajgarh forest by elevation polish(2)hinglajgarh forest by elevation polish(4)hinglajgarh forest by elevation polish(5)

It is with no surprise that I love green and what’s interesting is that I don’t have many cool green like this in my stash so I adore this even more.

This is still available for purchase over at Elevation Polish . Elevation Polish restocks every 7th and 22nd of the month at 9PM (CST) and 9AM (CST) respectively.

❤ ❤ ❤

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