Dark Terror by Glam Polish

dark terror duo by glam polish

Good day everyone! Halloween is just around the corner and Fall is fast approaching as well. That means that we will be seeing or already been flooded with many Fall and Halloween inspired nail polishes like the following duo that I am very excited to show you.

The Dark Terror duo by Glam Polish is exclusively to Mei Mei Signatures’ store. This duo is a follow up to the Halloween inspired Mei Mei Signatures exclusive shade, Deadly Holo, which was available in a blink of an eye. If you missed out on Deadly Holo this gorgeous Dark Terror duo will probably soothe your yearning. Let’s have a look shall we?

black water by glam polish(4)Black Water is a vampy blue holo with fine glass flecks that flashes violet. The formula is so flawless and application was effortless. If this was 0.1% more opaque you probably could get away with 1 coat but I used two coats for the swatch. Topcoat was added.black water by glam polishblack water by glam polish(1)black water by glam polish(3)black water by glam polish(2)

With flashblack water by glam polish (4)



don't go in the woods by glam polish(6)Don’t Go In The Woods is another gorgeous vampy colour that has a forest green base with green glass flecks and shimmer. The glass flecks seem to be bigger and more visible in this that it sometimes gives out a colour shifting effect. The holo effect is stronger in this too. Application was flawless and again if this is 0.1% more opaque like Black Water it would only require 1 coat. I used 2 coats and 1 coat of topcoat for the photos.don't go in the woods by glam polishdon't go in the woods by glam polish(2)don't go in the woods by glam polish(1)don't go in the woods by glam polish(3)

With flashdon't go in the woods by glam polish(4)don't go in the woods by glam polish(5)

Both of these shades took my breath away and I can’t pick a favourite if I have to. I just can’t. I can’t even choose which to wear for a full mani that I decided to use DGITW on my hand left and BW on my right hand. Haha!

Vampy colours like these aren’t unique but you have to paint and see it for yourself to know why these are worth every penny spent.

These are exclusively available at Mei Mei Signatures and each bottle are labeled with its own number. I’ve gotten number 140 labeled on my bottles which are the number of sets that are available for purchase too. But fret not I didn’t get the last set; these are still available at Mei Mei Signatures, so hurry!

PS: I feel like buying a back up of this! LOL!


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