Pretty 2.0 by Pretty & Polished

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am going on the soft and delicate road again with Pretty 2.0 by Pretty & Polished created exclusively for Mei Mei Signatures store. This is a follow up to the Pretty 1.0 also made exclusively for Mei Mei Signatures. I did not get Pretty 1.0 and was kinda kicking myself about that.

Pretty 2.0 is a nudish pink than leans a little lilac on me, accented with gold flakes and a hint of holo. The formula was a little thick side with a slight streakiness but far from terrible. To even out the slight streakiness I used 3 thin coats with topcoat.pretty 2.0 by pretty & polishedpretty 2.0 by pretty & polished (1)pretty 2.0 by pretty & polished (2)

I enjoyed the delicate look of this colour and having said that I think this is a great colour for a wedding. I don’t think it is labelled with a serial number like the predecessor Pretty 1.0, but hey this is limiting to 40 bottles in the world only!

This is still available for purchase over at Mei Mei Signatures at SGD $17.


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