Sunkissed by Lacquer Lust

Howdy everyone! Today’s post going to be quick but not short of gorgeousness for sure.

Featuring Sunkissed by Lacquer Lust, it is a muted orange jelly base with subtle scattered holo. The consistency is great and it applied well. Because this is jelly base it may tend to be a little sheer so it did give me a slight visible nail line but not enough to bother me. You are seeing 3 coats with topcoat.sunkissed by lacquer lustsunkissed by lacquer lust(1)sunkissed by lacquer lust(4)sunkissed by lacquer lust(5)sunkissed by lacquer lust(3)sunkissed by lacquer lust(2)

With flashsunkissed by lacquer lust(6)

I have very few orange holo in my stash and orange is also not your regular shade for holo but I like it. The orange is not overly bright but still great for summer.

You can find Lacquer Lust online HERE or check out their international stockist for a store near you.



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