Frozen by Contrary Polish

Hi everyone! If you have noticed I usually love strong colours but once in a while I indulge in a little palette cleanser and go for a paler colour like the following swatch I am going to show you.

Frozen is a white crelly base with tiny blue shimmers. If yellow is known to be the most notoriously difficult colour to formulate, white will be crowned second. But you are not going to get that crappy formula with this! I always get really excited when I discover a good formulated white or yellow which is rather rare. The consistency is very smooth despite it being a little sheer looking on first coat, but it evens out and opaque at third coat. To spice things up a little I added blue studs on all fingers. It was a little hard to capture the blue shimmers on the photos hence I enlarged one of the photos to show it off. Topcoat was added.frozen by contrary(1)frozen by contraryfrozen by contrary(5)frozen by contrary(4)frozen by contrary(3)frozen by contrary(2)

Frozen gives off a wintery feeling and I absolutely love it. The blue shimmers give a really nice touch against the white. I really love how his mani turned out as well. It looked delicate but not plain and it was really easy to do.

This was purchased from Mei Mei Signatures. You can also find them over at Contrary Polish.


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