She Twerks Out & Partners In Lime by Kbshimmer

Hey folks!

I’ve been spending the past two weekends trying to arrange my enormous nail polish stash in to place. It was lying around all over the place and getting out of hand. I had nail polishes on the manicure table, floor, a kitchen trolley (which I use it to hold nail polishes of course!), and I often cannot find exactly which drawers they are located at. So I had them down one by one on a spreadsheet and labelled my Muji drawers with brand names. I also finally know how many bottles of nail polishes I have in total; let’s just say it is a little insane. Haha! It is an addiction for sure.

Continuing with that addiction, lately I acquired two beautiful colours from the Early Summer 2014 Collection by KbshimmerShe Twerks Out and Partners In Lime.

Both of these have the same type of formula so I’ll just sum it up here. The consistency is slightly on the thick side but it is quite inevitable due to the amount of glitters in it but they are nowhere difficult to apply. I would advise to coat each coat as thin as possible, swipe the brush against the bottle neck more often that you would with a normal polish and wait for it to dry a little longer before doing the next coat. Both of the photos are showing 2 coats and no topcoat was added.

She Twerks Out, which I am wearing on my thumb, index and pinkie, is a gorgeous bright turquoise glitter textured polish. It is infused with holographic teal, lime green, aqua and violet glitters.

Partners In Lime, which I am wearing on my middle and ring, is another gorgeous lime green glitter textured polish with golden undertone. They are filled with lime green, gold and aqua holographic in lime by kbshimmerpartners in lime by kbshimmer(1)she twerks out by kbshimmer(1)she twerks out by kbshimmer

I love both of these to bits, they are really fun and cheerful to wear, totally very summer looking. I wore this mani for 6 days and really happy that they had only minimal tip wear and didn’t stain at all.

I bought both of these as with many of my Kbshimmer stash from Harlow & Co. If you living in the US you can buy them directly from Kbshimmer


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