Lady Of The Palace trio by Powder Perfect

Hey there again! Yes you are reading it correctly, another blog post! I had intended to post these swatches few days later but I just cannot contain my excitement about the Powder Perfect Lady Of The Palace trio created for Mei Mei Signatures store. The inspiration behind the trio is base of the powdered hairstyles, the elaborate layers of frilly dresses and the lavish estate of French aristocracy and nobles.

The Lady Of the Palace trio contained 2 holographic and a crème base with glitters. This blog post is going to be images heavy because I went little nuts and took tons of pictures and I just cannot bear to not show them to you. But I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Crinoline is an ivory crème base with aqua and copper hex and square glitters. I spotted some subtle shimmers as well. The consistency was excellent, nicely pigmented, self leveling and application was easy. You are seeing 2 coats with topcoat.crinoline by powder perfectcrinoline by powder perfect(1)crinoline by powder perfect(2)crinoline by powder perfect(3)

La Dauphine is a gorgeous maroon jelly base with super sparkling holographic effect. The formula is excellent with fuss free application. I couldn’t ask for a better formula. It was described in the product listing that it contained bronze flakie but I couldn’t spot them. Photos are showing 2 coats with topcoat. Simply pretty!la dauphine by powder perfectla dauphine by powder perfect(1)la dauphine by powder perfect(2)la dauphine by powder perfect(3)la dauphine by powder perfect(4)la dauphine by powder perfect(5)la dauphine by powder perfect(6)
With flashla dauphine by powder perfect(7)

Finally a favourite amongst the trio, Escape To The Petite Trianon is a breathtaking forest green jelly with gorgeous strong holographic effect and gold flakie. The formula is flawless and even with all that flakie it did not create any problem with application which it could sometimes. I totally adore this, which you probably can tell from the tons of pictures I posted. Haha! You are seeing 2 easy coats with topcoat.Escape To The Petit Trianon by powder perfectEscape To The Petit Trianon by powder perfect(1)Escape To The Petit Trianon by powder perfect(5)Escape To The Petit Trianon by powder perfect(6)Escape To The Petit Trianon by powder perfect(7)Escape To The Petit Trianon by powder perfect(2)Escape To The Petit Trianon by powder perfect(3)Escape To The Petit Trianon by powder perfect(4)Escape To The Petit Trianon by powder perfect(8)
With flashEscape To The Petit Trianon by powder perfect(9)

My absolute favourite is Escape to the Petite Trianon (no surprise there I guess?). That forest green, that holo and that flakie combo just so stunning! This will definitely be included in my all time favourite list! And Powder Perfect without a doubt has just become one of my favourite indie brands!

The Lady Of The Palace trio is exclusively available individually or as a trio over at Mei Mei Signatures. Don’t forget to enter RAYA20 for a 20% off storewide at checkout which will end on 29 July midnight (SGT time).


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