Across The Universe by Enchanted Polish

Hi everyone! Sorry we have been missing in action for a bit, just got so tied up with work, life and plus a slight encounter with the flu and fever. I am all well now just in time for the weekend.

Anyway not going to be rambling too much as my mind is pretty disturbed by the tragic news of Malaysian Airline MH17. Though I do not know of anyone on that ill fated plane, Malaysia is Singapore’s neighbour so it does feel like one of ours had been attacked. I just wished that the victim’s families and friends get the answers they want as quickly as possible and hopefully overcome their grieves soon.

Today’s swatch post will be featuring Across The Universe by Enchanted Polish.

Across The Universe is a multichrome holographic that has several colour shifting characters. It prominently flashes blue, purple, magenta then brown at different angles. You can use this on its own but the formula is a little sheer so you may need at least 3 coats to get it opaque. I prefer to use it over a dark base like black to intensify the multichrome effect. Application was great without any brushstrokes in sight. Photos are showing 2 coats over 1 coat of KbShimmer Eclipse and topcoat.
across the universe by enchanted polish(2)across the universe by enchanted polish(3)across the universe by enchanted polish(4)across the universe by enchanted polishacross the universe by enchanted polish(5)across the universe by enchanted polish(1)across the universe by enchanted polish(7)across the universe by enchanted polish(6)

Across The Universe indeed is a beauty and definitely one of my favourite prized EP.

Across The Universe is an old shade and has become a hard-to-find and likely expensive to buy colour. Otherwise Enchanted Polish is sold at its main website HERE or at international stockist like Mei Mei Signatures, Femme Fatale Cosmetics.


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