Nostalgia by Polished by KPT

Good day everyone! Today’s post going to be quick featuring Nostalgia by Polished by KPT.

Nostalgia is a thermal colour changing polish. Its colour changes from a dusty pale gray when warm to a dark purple when cold. And it is loaded with goodness of duochrome shimmers that shift from violet to green. The shift to green shimmers are not easily visible unless at a certain angles. Formula was great with no application issue and 2 coats were enough for coverage. Pardon me as the swatch looked a little wrinkled. This is what happened when I get impatient and dip my nails in to icy cold water without letting the polish dry enough. You are seeing 2 coats plus topcoat.nostalgia by lacquer lustnostalgia by lacquer lust(1)nostalgia by lacquer lust(3)nostalgia by lacquer lust(2)

This is definitely a like for me! Nice colour contrast and good formula.

Nostalgia is out of stock at Polished by KPT and its international stockists but it is still available at Rainbow Connection UK.


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