Perfect Day and Field of Lions by Wingdust Collection

Hello polish world! Today I am going to present to you two colours from the 2013 Summer Collection by Wingdust Collection, Perfect Day and Field of Lions. If you are all familiar with Wingdust Collection you would know that they are somewhat a little different from the rest of the indie brands. Many indie brands at some point would branch out to launch a mix of glitters, crème, holographic and maybe textured polishes. But for Wingdust Collection they have always kept to their specialty that is mixes of glitters, shimmers and especially flakes. It is good to know that a brand stays true to what suit them best and that to me is dedication.

Perfect Day is a pale blue crème top with pink shimmers, periwinkle, pale blue, gold and iridescent hex glitters, pale blue star glitters and 24 karat gold leaf flakes. Formula is excellent on this with minimal clean up. What’s even better was that I didn’t have to fish for the star glitters. I knew that I am going to love this but didn’t expect to love it so much! You are seeing 3 coats with a coat of topcoat.perfect day by wingdustperfect day by wingdust(1)perfect day by wingdust(4)perfect day by wingdust(2)perfect day by wingdust(5)

Field of Lions is a lime green shimmery jelly base with yellow, orange, green and iridescent square and hex glitters. This is another one with excellent formula, no fishing for the glitters and self leveling. Very squishy looking and pretty! You are seeing 3 coats with a coat of topcoat.field of lions by wingdustfield of lions by wingdust(5)field of lions by wingdust(3)field of lions by wingdust(4)

I especially love Perfect Day. The gold leaf flake top against the pale blue was kind of unexpected but worked it out so well. This is definitely going to be included in my all time favorite list.

You can find Wingdust Collection at her Etsy Store or great international stockist like Beauty So Fly.


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