KbShimmer Spring Collection 2013

I have for you today KbShimmer Spring Collection 2013. I know I’m a year overdue with these swatches but hey better late than never right? There are 9 colours in this collection and I have all but Square Away and Pastel Me More to show you.

Spring Training is soft mint crelly complimented with blue, red, pink, lavender and gold glitters in various shapes and sizes. Formula was a little thin but not runny. This was supposed to have a hint of freesia scent but I didn’t notice it at all, probably because the scent has faded after a year. This was a breezy 3 coats application with topcoat.kbshimmer spring trainingkbshimmer spring training(4)kbshimmer spring training(3)kbshimmer spring training(1)

Where My Peeps At is a fun looking yellow crelly with pink, magenta, blue, green and gold dot glitters and some micro glitters. Despite it being a little thin application was great and not runny. I totally dig dot glitters and like the yellow again my skin tone. This was 3 coats with topcoat.kbshimmer where my peeps atkbshimmer where my peeps at(1)kbshimmer where my peeps at(2)kbshimmer where my peeps at(3)

Lottie Dottie is a white crelly with magenta and blue dot glitters and tiny bar glitters. I’m usually not a fan of bar glitters but as long as they are tiny and not sticking out of the nail somewhere. Application was easy peasy. Photos are showing 3 coats with topcoat.kbshimmer lottie dottiekbshimmer lottie dottie(1)kbshimmer lottie dottie(4)kbshimmer lottie dottie(3)kbshimmer lottie dottie(2)

Iris My Case is a creamy lilac base with purple, white, blue, pink and white hex glitters in various sizes. Application was a breeze once again with 3 thin coats. I like that it translate a soft sweet look on the nails. Topcoat was added.kbshimmer iris my casekbshimmer iris my case(3)kbshimmer iris my case(2)kbshimmer iris my case(4)

Get Clover It is an emerald green jelly base with green and gold dot glitters and micro glitters. I appreciate that the formula was made thin so that it is easy to build up for the depth to peek through the layers. I prefer it on its own and you can achieve opacity with 3 coats. Topcoat was added.kbshimmer get clover itkbshimmer get clover(1) itkbshimmer get clover(3) itkbshimmer get clover(2) itkbshimmer get clover(4) it

A Dot Mess is a clear base glitter topper with magenta and black dot glitters, tiny bar glitters and micro glitters. Application was fuss free and no fishing required. Photos are showing 1 coat over 2 coats of OPI Pink Friday with topcoat. I’m on the fence with this one. It looked kinda too busy on the nails (a dot mess indeed) for my liking. Apt name though! kbshimmer a dot messkbshimmer a dot mess(1)kbshimmer a dot mess(3)kbshimmer a dot mess(2)

I saved the best for last; I Got A Crush On Blue is a breathtaking deep blue jelly base with holographic silver glitters in various sizes. Application was excellent and smooth though some slight fishing for the bigger glitters required. Typically with this type of densely packed glitter polish I like to paint the first coat with fewer glitters and more on the second and third coat to prevent it from dragging. It is so sparkly and breathtaking that it reminds me of sapphire gemstones and diamonds. This will go in to one of my all time favourite indies! Photos are showing 3 coats and a coat of topcoat.kbshimmer i got a crush on bluekbshimmer i got a crush on blue(1)kbshimmer i got a crush on blue(3)kbshimmer i got a crush on blue(2)kbshimmer i got a crush on blue(4)kbshimmer i got a crush on blue(5)

This is a very well executed collection I must say. I am fond of Get Clover It, Lottie Dottie but the crown goes to I Got A Crush On Blue without a doubt!

Some of these colours are still available for purchase over at Kbshimmer online store and Harlow & Co..


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2 thoughts on “KbShimmer Spring Collection 2013

  1. I love I got a Crush on Blue a lot *o* I want to get it from Harlow & Co. but the shipping is so much, and none of my friends want to buy any, so I have no one to share shipping costs with 😦

    1. Yeah it is a really gorgeous color isn’t it? Oh dear what a bummer. I hope u will find someone to share the cost or make an order of $100cad to enjoy free international shipping with u soon!

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