Polish Together – Earth Day

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Today’s post is not Easter related but Earth Day related instead. Earth Day is actually celebrated annually on 22nd April and @polishtogether is observing the event by hosting an Earth Day Mani with a green theme from 19th April to 22nd April.

As many of us already know Nerdlacquer nail polishes were and probably still are highly coveted in the indie community. Unfortunately the maker, Amanda, has periodically surfaced and went missing in action again; her last update on Google+ was last December. She is obviously experiencing some difficult stuff in her life.

Anyhow this is No Medal For Chewie. It is a medium green suspended with golden green shimmers and gold and green glitters in various sizes. Application was smooth but it did dry a little lumpy. I am guessing it is due to the fact that it is an old polish. The photos are showing 3 coats with topcoat.nerdlacquer no medal for chewienerdlacquer no medal for chewie (1)nerdlacquer no medal for chewie (2)

Unfortunately you can’t find any Nerdlacquer anywhere else but Ebay and you may have to part a lot of money for them. I bought my bottle from the possibly defunct SG Nails.

Hopefully Amanda will overcome whatever she is dealing in her life and be well enough to come back and create many more pretty polishes soon. I wish her well.

Have you post your green mani for Earth Day? If you have not you can do so by tagging your green mani on the IG with #EarthDayMani. Come join in the fun will you?


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