O’hara by piCture pOlish

It is the start of a brand new week and we are on to April very soon. How was your weekend? I spent all of my weekend catching up on movies. I had a debate with my co workers last week about who are the hottest TV stars and I didn’t comprehend what’s the deal with the ohh-ing and ahh-ing about Ryan Gosling. So they made me watched a few of his movies to judge myself. So I finally watched the highly raved The Notebook and the lesser raved Crazy Stupid Love. Alright, after watching both of these movies I do fancy him a little more than before and get what’s the deal now. By the way The Notebook is a great movie to watch. While I still do not label Ryan Gosling as my number one lust worthy stars (Adam Levin reign my list), he is hot, or at least his toned body is hot. Haha.

Ok enough about shallow rambling and on to nail swatches.

Today I have for you O’hara by piCture pOlish. O’hara is a super gorgeous red jelly with scattered holo particles. The formula is a perfect ten and application was a dream! I only had to use two coats for the photos. It is so bright and it will instantly brighten up any skin tone! I do not know why I let this sit in my stash as untried for so long. picture polish oharapicture polish ohara(1)picture polish ohara(2)picture polish ohara(3)picture polish ohara(4)picture polish ohara(5)

I am totally in awe with O’hara for its colour and formula. Sick of the plain red polishes? Then you got to try this! This will definitely go into my list of favourite polishes to wear!

O’hara can be found at piCture pOlish’s website HERE or at their list of international network HERE


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