Medusa Transducer by Indigo Bananas

Good Sunday everyone! I don’t usually like to head out on a Sunday unless I really have to. One of the things I like to do on a Sunday is to just chill out, write up a blog post and listening to music at the same time. What is your Sunday routine?

If you are born before the 90s you probably have watched Clash Of The Titans, the 1981 version, and probably know what a Medusa is. It is a hideous looking monster with venomous snakes as hair and will turned anyone in to stones upon gazing at its eyes. *shudders* I’ve probably watched that movie umpteen times and that Medusa head was probably one of the things that creeped me out most when I was a child. I’ve not watched the newer version of Clash Of The Titans but only caught snippets of it. The new version Medusa seems not creepy enough. Haha!

Medusa Transducer by Indigo Bananas is charcoal black shimmery jelly base with coppery, green and gold shifting colour hex and square glitters. It is supposed to glow teal in the dark but my camera only picked up blue. I found the formula on the thick side and sheer so I had to use 3 coats to get it somewhat opaque. Dry time was good. Topcoat was added.indigo bananas medusa tranducerindigo bananas medusa tranducer(1)indigo bananas medusa tranducer(6)indigo bananas medusa tranducer(5)indigo bananas medusa tranducer(3)indigo bananas medusa tranducer(2)indigo bananas medusa tranducer(7)

Honestly I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me. I always have a thing for dark or murky colour and this fit the bill. And I feel that the name and the mix of colour represented Medusa spot on! Just a tiny wee shame on its formula.

Update: I was thinking in the shower why was this made glow in the dark. It suddenly came to me that it could be to signify Medusa’s eyes? If it was intending for that I love it even more now!

You can find Indigo Bananas HERE or over at Mei Mei Signatures.

*This was generously provided by Mei Mei Signatures for my honest review.


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