Book Of Shadows & Conjuring by Glam Polish

Happy new year everyone! On the first week of 2014 the flu bug caught up with me. I think I had too much yummy ice cream over the New Year’s celebration that it gave me a really bad throat, cough and a slight fever. Oh well, but it was all so worth it. After all Christmas and New Year are meant to be joyous and have lotsa sumptuous meals isn’t it?

Today I am going to show you two gorgeous colours by Glam Polish from the Cast A Spell collection. I wore both of these colours over the month of December and totally loved it a lot. In fact both of these colours are so appropriate for Christmas and New Year.

Both these colours have similar formula so I’ll just sum it up here. The consistency is thin but excellent with easy peasy application. I used two coats for both of these colours but I could have gone for a third coat actually. It did dry a little gritty so I would suggest two coats of topcoat to smoothen it out. Conjuring did stain a little yellow after 5 days of wear on my nails though, so I suggest two coats of base coat.

Book Of Shadows is a gorgeous bright blue scattered holo base with various sizes of sparking blue glitters.Glam polish book of shadowGlam polish book of shadow(1)Glam polish book of shadow(2)Glam polish book of shadow(3)

Conjuring is a gorgeous scattered holo emerald green, the shade of green that I love most, with various sizes of sparkling green glitters as well. This is such a perfect cololur for Christmas! I wore this before Christmas and kind of regretted that I wore it too soon.Glam Polish ConjuringGlam Polish Conjuring(1)Glam Polish Conjuring(2)Glam Polish Conjuring(3)

You may think that a one colour polish is kinda boring, but you have to wear these to see how gorgeous these really are. It is super sparkling and gorgeous in real life. I have gotten so many compliments when I wore both of these colours. I fear for my wallet now as I am contemplating to buy the rest of the Cast A Spell collection!Eeks!

I purchased both of these colour from Mei Mei Signatures. You can also buy these at the following online retailers:

Glam Polish
Rainbow Connection UK
Norway Nails


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