Blood Of The Mountain & El Topo Petit

Happy Monday! And it is Christmas week! Is anyone excited? I know I am so looking forward to the party tomorrow with my family and relatives at my cousin’s house. There will be a sumptuous meal and the exchanges of presents! As much as how commercialised and cliché it is, who doesn’t love receiving presents?

Pahlish is a new-to-me brand that took me a while to buy and try. I am apprehensive about trying new-to-me brands especially if they are new in the market for fear that the formula may not be great and I may end up wasting money on it. I am glad that I took the leap of faith and try out Pahlish as they are pretty much established in the indie market and their products are well made.

I have two colours that are well suited for Fall and the holidays to show you – Blood Of The Mountain and El Topo Petit.

Blood Of The Mountain is a garnet red holo base with micro flakes. Application was a breeze and only needed 2 coats. I don’t normally go for red but if I have to garnet red would be my favourite choice. This is so gorgeous that I couldn’t stop staring at it.pahlish blood of the mountainpahlish blood of the mountain(1)pahlish blood of the mountain(2)pahlish blood of the mountain(3)
With flash.pahlish blood of the mountain(5)

El Topo Petit is a dusty taupe with coppery red micro flakes. Taupe is an intriguing colour. Sometimes you think it is grey, sometimes it is brown or it could be mistaken for a greyish purple too. Formula is great with 2 flawless coats. I really love the subtle micro flakes peeking through the dusty base. It kinda reminds me of the fallen leaves during the Fall. The micro flakes glisten more in the sunlight.pahlish el topo petitpahlish el topo petit(1)pahlish el topo petit(2)pahlish el topo petit(3)

I really love these and can’t wait to swatch the rest of my Pahlish stash to show you.

You can find these pretty polishes at Pahlish’s Big Cartel and Rainbow Connection.


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