Cadillacquer Breaking Bad Collection

It is the start of a new week and month and we are on to the last month of the year! December has always been my favourite month of the year with Christmas and New Year looming the festive mood is in full force. It is the time of the year to throw away the diet and eat your hearts out and be joyous! Have you planned for any big parties ahead?

Today I will be showing you 3 Cadillacquer colours from the Breaking Bad Collection. It is inspired by the widely known TV drama series, though I have not watched it, I heard much great stuff about it. I may get to it someday when I have catch up on what I am currently watching.

First up, Cap’n Cook is a rich purple hue with pink shimmers and scattered holo. The formula is great and opaque in just 2 coats. The scattered holo are not in your face but nonetheless very pretty. Topcoat did not dull the effect of the holo.cadillacquercapncookcadillacquercapncook(1)cadillacquercapncook(2)

There’s No Better Reason is a dark blackened green with gold shimmers and scattered holo as well. Formula is superb on this and I’ve used 2 coats with topcoat. Love this!candillacquer there is no reasoncandillacquer there is no reason(1)candillacquer there is no reason(2)candillacquer there is no reason(3)

I’m The One Who Knocks is a lighter green than There’s No Better Reason, but is still a darker shade of green. It contains lighter green shimmers and scattered holo. Excellent formula again with 2 coats. So pretty.cadillacquer i'm the one who knockscadillacquer i'm the one who knocks(1)cadillacquer i'm the one who knocks(3)cadillacquer i'm the one who knocks(2)

Overall I really love all 3 of them, I can’t pick a favourite! Eventhough the scattered holo are rather subtle, they are still very pretty. And I am loving the formula a lot. Cadillacquer has quickly becoming one of my favourite indie brands for sure.

You can grab these over at their Bigcartel Store. I bought mine over at Beauty So Fly who is a Singapore based online retailer that ships internationally. You can also find Cadillacquer at Harlow & Co and Rainbow Connection UK.

Have a joyous December!


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