Dance Legend Termo Shine 180

Today I am very excited to share with you a very gorgeous thermal polish from Dance Legend. I actually swatched this last night and totally fell in love with it right away and can’t wait to post this up.

Dance Legend Thermo Shine 180 is unlike many thermal polishes that I own, instead of just being the usual crème base this actually contains glitters. On my nails and in the warm state it showed a translucent grey and transitioned in to a black when cold. The silver glitters added an edgy look to it and complimented the two shades really well. I totally love it! The jelly formula was a little thick and sheer so I used 3 coats for my photos with topcoat. The dry time was a little slow too. I went a little crazy with the photos because I just love love love this so much.


In transitiondancelegend180dancelegend180(7)



Have I said enough that I love this? The dramatic contrast of the colour with the silver glitters just make this really unique and a must have in my opinion. If I had to complain, I wished that all Dance Legend’s polishes came with a smaller brush cap for easier grip.

You can purchase Dance Legend at their official website HERE. But a word of caution, Russian Post are notoriously slow, I once had an order that took four months to reach me. Otherwise Dance Legend can also be found at Ninja Polish and Color4nails


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