Conglomerate by SpaRitual

Hi nail world! Today’s post going to be a quickie as I have a couple of things to be done in the house.

Conglomerate by SpaRitual is a murky greenish grey base with gold shimmers and flecks accented with small black and white glitters. This polish is a bit of a chameleon, at different lightings sometimes it looked like an olive green, sometimes a grey. I always have a soft spot for unique furgly colours and this fits the bill of a furgly colour. Unfortunately the formula isn’t anywhere near perfect. It is a little thick and somewhat patchy but opaque in two coats. Topcoat was added.conglomerateconglomerate1conglomerate3conglomerate2

I love the furgly colour and the surprising mix of black and white glitters but the formula is undesirable. SpaRitual are not readily available in Singapore hence it is not easy for me to purchase it. I think I bought this while I was in Hong Kong for business trip.


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