A Cup Of Teal by Serum No.5

It is a brand new week and I hope things are coming along just fine for everyone? I had such a great weekend. I met my nail gals for Catrice Singapore private sale, had a great lunch and tea too. Though I have only known them for a brief period, I feel like I have known them for eons. We have so much to talk in the chat room and when we meet from nail polishes, makeup, hubbies and boyfriends to even boobies! LOL. I don’t think we will ever be left with nothing to talk about. And we are planning for another meet up this Saturday! So looking forward to that!

I have for you today a gorgeous teal shade with subtle linear holo. A Cup Of Teal by Serum No.5 has excellent consistency. If you have been painting holographic nail polishes you would know that sometimes its formula can be a little thin and sometimes runny. But you ain’t getting that with A Cup Of Teal, all I needed was one coat and no bald spots at all! How great is that? It also dried fast and topcoat did not dull the holographic effect! The photos showing one coat and topcoat. I do have to qualify that the colour is more accurate on the photo taken with flash.acupofteal2acupofteal3acupofteal4
With flash.acupofteal

If you need a quick and easy mani this is the polish to use and it helps that this is one pretty colour too.

I purchase this from Mei Mei Signatures. You can also find Serum No.5 at the following stocklist:

Serum No.5
Rainbow Connection
Femme Fatale
Ninja Polish
Harlow & Co
Norway Nails
Overall Beauty


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