Tendresse by Penelope Luz

As many of you know that most indie polishes are from the US and Australia, they are so many awesome creations out there which sometimes can be a little mind boggling and perhaps detrimental to the wallet? I know mine is! Haha! But today I am going to introduce to you a Brazilian indie brand, Penelope Luz, created by Luciana Franco. And if you have not ventured in to Penelope Luz website you probably didn’t know that she is actually a blogger with gorgeous professional looking swatches. Though her blog is in Portuguese which I can’t read or understand, a picture tells a thousand words isn’t it?

Tendresse which I think is a French word actually means fondness or tenderness. It is a tinted grey jelly base packing with fuchsia, green, blue, gold and silver square and hex glitters and iridescent shimmers. The consistency was a little thick but not problematic at all. This is not meant to be used on its own so I painted 1 coat over 2 coats of Catrice Squeeze Me (greenish-grey). Topcoat was added.tendresstendress1tendress3tendress2tendress4

I enjoyed the colour combinations and certainly will look forward to trying more Penelope Luz’s nail polishes.

You can find Penelope Luz at Mei Mei Signatures.

Tendresse was generously provided by Mei Mei Signatures for my honest review.


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