Kissie Pooh by Xoxo Nail Candy

Today’s post is going to swift because I am currently at the hair salon getting my hair coloured and writing up this blog post on-the-go. Haha.

Kissie Pooh by XOXO Nail Candy, a Mei Mei Signatures’ exclusive shade, is a sweet pink crΓ¨me consisting of bright green, pink and yellow hex and square glitters. Application was pleasantly smooth and consistency couldn’t be greater. No fishing was required and I used 3 coats and 1 coat topcoat for the photos.kissiepoohkissiepooh1kissiepooh2kissiepooh3

This is my first time trying out XOXO Nail Candy and happy to report that I have nothing bad to say about this shade.

Kissie Pooh is exclusively available at Mei Mei Signatures and retailing at SGD$16.

Kissie Pooh was generously provided by Mei Mei Signatures for my honest review.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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4 thoughts on “Kissie Pooh by Xoxo Nail Candy

  1. WOW! Just beautiful, think I might need to get this! My bank acct sighs, as it knows I’ll probably find more exquisite beauties while I’m at Mei Mei’s.

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