Bloody Hell by Glam Polish

Fall is in full force and you know what that means? It means Christmas is just less than two months away! I love fall season though Singapore has no fall or any of the four seasons. I love travelling to a country with fall season, the falling brown leaves and the slightly chilling weather are just the right combination of a perfect weather for me but unfortunately this year I didn’t plan any. Another reason why I love fall season is to haul all the fall nail polish collections!

Fall also means Halloween is around the corner. And what is Halloween without some Halloween themed nail polish? Today I am going to feature a Mei Mei Signatures’ exclusive, Bloody Hell by Glam Polish, a Halloween inspired shade. It is mainly made up of sparkling gold, silver, black, red, green, purple and orange in round, hex and rhombus shaped glitters in various sizes suspended in a clear base. A lot going on there I must say! Formula was great and I didn’t need to fish the glitters out of the bottle. You do need to let the bottle sit upside down for a short while before painting as the larger glitters may sink to the bottom of the bottle. I did have a hard time choosing a base colour to go along with it as there are so many colours going on there. In the end I picked out two different base colours to go along with it.

1 coat over 2 coats of Barry M’s Watermelon with topcoat.bloodyhellbloodyhell1bloodyhell2

1 coat over 2 coats of Misa’s I Will Survive, and I dabbed a red over the black base with a Saran Wrap on the ring finger nail to spice things up a little. Topcoat was added.bloodyhell4bloodyhell5bloodyhell6bloodyhell7

This is such a fun glitter topper and I really like the formula. Thumbs up definitely!

Bloody Hell is exclusively available at Mei Mei Signatures retailing at SGD$18 for a limited time period.

This was generously provided by Mei Mei Signatures for my unbiased honest review.


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