Amortentia by Serum No 5

Weekend is here again! I can’t be any happier as I am taking a few days off work to spend some time with Le Boyfriend as it is his birthday this weekend! Nothing big is planned but we are going for a nice dinner on Sunday. Certainly looking forward to that.

Today I have a special shade to show you guys – Amortentia by Serum No 5, a Mei Mei Singatures‘ exclusive. This is a neon pink textured finished with dark grey flakie and iridescent shimmers. This is unlike some of the textured polish I have tried, the grit is rather fine and smooth touching, formula was perfect and glided on like a breeze. When it comes to painting textured polish I suggest using thin coats otherwise the texture may not form properly. This was supposed to glow a faint purple in the dark but I can’t get it to glow despite charging. I think I am not doing something right. 😦 You probably could get away with 1 coat but I used two coats without topcoat for the photos. I love the wide flat brush too.amortentialamortential1amortential2amortential3

I actually quite like this. The formula was good, super bright and it’s a textured polish! what else can I say other than love!

Amortentia is exclsively available at Mei Mei Signatures and it retails for SGD $16.

This was sent to me generously by Mei Mei Signatures for my unbiased honest review. Thank you dear!


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