Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 – Polish Us Pink

PolishUsPink-logo2013-500x500*picture credit to The Subtle Shimmer

Today’s post is about breast cancer awareness. Every year approximately 1.5 million people worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer. In many countries like Singapore breast cancer is the number one killer among the types of cancer. Thankfully if detected early and with treatment the percentage of survival and cure will be greatly increased.

I will not go in to details about breast cancer. There is vast information you can obtain from the Internet or you can speak with your doctor to learn more about it.

As most of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the nail girls and I decided to do our little part to spread the awareness of breast cancer around by painting our nails in pink and post it on Instagram. The campaign, Polish Us Pink, was started last year and this year the lovely Susan from The Subtle Shimmer has initiated and hosted the campaign and even made a great logo (attached above) for us Β to post. Thank you S! It is with great pleasure to be able to participate it for the first time this year and if any of you like to join in the fun be sure to post your pink mani on the Instagram with the hash tag #polishuspink and #bcamani2013. This is for the whole month of October so post as many as you like!

My first instalment for Polish Us Pink mani I used Jindie Nails’ Femme Fire and accented with Different Dimension’s Excelsior with pink studs on the ring finger. Femme Fire by Jindie Nails contains bright orange, red and yellow hex in different sizes suspended in a sweet pink creme and I think I used 2 to 3 coats for photos. Excelsior by Different Dimension is a gorgeous white shimmery base with subtle holo, I used 2 coats on the ring finger.bcc1bccbcc3bcc2

So ladies, do yourself a favour, self examine your “gals” once a while and go to a doctor immediately if you think you feel something. They are a part of you; let them stay healthy and beautiful.

Being healthy is a responsibility to your love ones! Take care and stay healthy!

Jindie Nails and Different Dimension can be found at some of these retailers:
Jindie Nails
Different Dimension Etsy
Mei Mei Signatures
Rainbow Connection
Harlow & Co
Femme Fatale Cosmetics
Norway Nails

Hugs and love

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