Atomic By Picture Polish

What inspire you to wear a nail colour? For me it’s pretty random most of the time. I’ll just pull out my enormous stash of nail polishes and try to feel which colour screams out to me. Often there will be a few that will scream out to me. When that happens I will bug Le Boyfriend to single one out for me to wear. He always obliged and even gives me feedbacks. Many brownie points to him for that! I can be pretty extreme on the colour spectrum, sometimes I would dig vampy colours, and sometimes I just went head over hills with bright cheerful colours regardless of seasons. Having said that my all time favourite nail polish colour to wear is green but sometimes I have seasonal favourites, for instance lately I have been loving brown undertone accented with gold or copper shimmers shade. I don’t quite fancy plain brown coloured nail polishes, they just seem a tad boring to me.

Today I am showing you a shade that I do not wear often but I actually love how it looked on my nails. Atomic by Picture Polish is a collaboration shade created by Sarah from Samarium’s Swatches. This polish is so intricate that I am having a hard time describing it so I’ll just try my best. It is silvery white shade with a touch of pinkish gold tint with reflective flecks. Phew! That would be my best effort on the description. I didn’t have any issue with applications at all. I am a little annoyed that I couldn’t capture the gorgeousness of this colour. My photos just looked plain pearly. This is way better in real life for sure. It is such a classy shade to wear and very suited for weddings. The photos showing 3 coats with topcoat.


I actually didn’t think I could wear such a shade but I am loving it a lot now. It is such a versatile colour that you could wear it to the office, for a wedding or to a formal occasion.

You can hunt this down at Picture Polish or check out their international network for an online store near you.


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