Zoya Pixie Dust Collection

I am sure by now everyone is familiar with textured polish and I cannot stress enough how much I am loving it. Just as I thought the textured trend is about to fade away, Zoya arouse my interest again with one after another superb pixie dust collections. Zoya’s Pixie Dust is a little different from the rest of textured polishes we have seen. The sand-like texture is finer and what sets them apart is the added sparkling glitters/shimmers accents that makes it all so pretty to look at and less severe. Though I am late to the party to show you these five colours from the first Pixie Dust Collection which came out this Spring, it is not deterring me because they are just so awesome and besides I don’t wear polishes according to season. After all Singapore has no four seasons, it is summer whole year round.

Formulas on these are mostly thin, unless stated otherwise, but in a good way. I found that I preferred a thinner formula for textured polishes as thicker consistency may hinder the texture from forming properly. Textured polishes are meant to apply matte without top coat but these are super gorgeous with topcoat as well which I will be showing it to you. The only colour that is missing from the swatches is London.

First up, Godiva which is a soft nude with fine silver glitters. You probably expect a nude to pair off with gold glitters but silver glitters surprisingly work pretty well too. Glided on smoothly and dried fast. Photos showing three thin coats. With topcoat it just transformed to a soft sparkling nude. godivagodiva1godiva2
With tocoatgodiva3

Vespa is soft muted green with silver glitters accent. Formula was great but I had to use three coats as it was a little sheer. It was gorgeous with topcoat on as well but I prefered the textured look.vespavespa1vespa2
With topcoatvespa3

Nyx is a soft muted blue with silver glitters accent. I had the most issue with Nyx. The formula was thick, the texture just wouldn’t settled hence it looked a little uneven on the nails and the dry time was slow too. Just not good overall. The only positive thing about Nyx is that the colour is pretty with or without topcoat. I used two coats for the photos. nyxnyx1nyx2
With topcoatnyx3

Chyna is a gorgeous dark red with fine red glitters as accent. In fact I would call this colour a sexy evil red colour. A little devilish looking yet sexy! Formula was flawless and spectacular in two coats! Glided on like a dream, very opaque and dry time was fast too. I really love this with topcoat too, super sparkly and pretty.chynachyna1chyna2
With topcoatchyna3

Dahlia is a charcoal black when in textured and turns in to a darker black with topcoat, accents with fine silver glitters. Again the formula was superb and took only two coats to achieve opacity. Another favourite for me in this collection.dahliadahlia1dahlia2
With topcoatdahlia3

My absolute favourites would be Chyna and Dahlia. All of these are very pretty to look at, a lot of depth and my nails looked like they had fairy dust on it. Love the formula with the exception of Nyx, otherwise I cannot rave about them enough.


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