Up In Smoke By Enchanted Polish

I got to ask do you have a pet peeve relating to shopping online? For me it is the lack of communication from the sellers. I dislike to be left hanging without responding to my query. In my opinion if you want to run a business prompt service and response is important factor. I am pretty much an impatient person and it takes just two to three days of unanswered emails to drive me UP IN SMOKE but having said that I have waited patiently for packages for more than two months and that was because there was numerous communications between myself and the sellers, at least I know they were attentive to my queries. I have dealt with online retailers, though very few, who didn’t reply till like a week later. But you aren’t getting such crappy service from Mei Mei Signatures, she has impeccable customer service and it is always a pleasure to deal with her.

So last month was Mei Mei Signatures’ birthday and she had the honour to collaborate with Enchanted Polish to create a gorgeous birthday shade, Up In Smoke, for her online store exclusively. I was elated I managed to grab a bottle of it as we all know by now how hard it is to score a bottle of Enchanted Polish these days.

Up In Smoke is a gorgeous dusty purple gray holo with flawless application. All it took was two coats for opacity. I did not use a topcoat over it as I was afraid that it may dull the holo effect. So pretty! upinsmokeupinsmoke1upinsmoke2
With flashupinsmoke3

I absolutely love this. It is such a pretty and delicate colour and love it against my skin tone. Unfortunately this is limited edition and highly possible that it will not make a come back. But I suggest you should stalk Mei Mei Signatures at her Facebook Page or Instagram just in case it does make a come back. πŸ˜‰



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