Comfortably Numb By Different Dimension

I have been spending the last couple of days trying to organise my nail polish drawers (again I know) and listing it down on a spreadsheet on my computer which I should have completed a few weeks ago. Man, I must say it is not easy! Being a little OCD at times I had wanted to organise them in my Muji drawers according to brands and alphabetical order but that proved to be rather tedious and took too much time. So I ended up lining them in brands only. And I am not done yet as I got distracted with swatching some pretties like the following swatches of Comfortably Numb from Different Dimension. Haha!

Comfortably Numb is a gorgeous glitter topper in a clear base with bright yellow and neon pink square and hex glitters in assorted sizes. The formula was a tad thick but I had no trouble getting the glitters on the nails. It dried fast too. I am showing it on top of three different base colours as I couldn’t decide on one. One of base colour was even Le Boyfriend’s choice. Haha.

One coat over two coats of Illamasqua Muse, a teal base. Topcoat was added.comfortablynumbcomfortablynumb2

One coat over two coats of Barry M Gelly Lychee, a beige base. Topcoat was added.comfortablynumb3comfortablynumb5

One coat over two coats of Barry M Gelly Papaya, a coral base. Topcoat was added.comfortablynumb6comfortablynumb8

I have always been a fan of Different Dimension since I tried the brand and this doesn’t disappoint as well. This looks so good on top of a wide range of base colours, the choices are endless. I can’t wait to get my hands on Different Dimension’s latest range!

Hope you have been enjoying this swatch as much as I do. If you like what you see and like to follow our blog you can do so via email at the right hand panel of our site or at our following social networks:
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You can purchase Comfortably Numb and many other beautiful colours from Different Dimension Etsy and Mei Mei Signatures. They retail from USD$4.25 for a mini to USD$11 full size and SGD$15 respectively.



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