Bel-argus & Azure By Chanel

Hi peeps, today I am very excited to show you two Chanel nail polishes. I have an undying love for everything Chanel, their fashion, bags, shoes, accessories and let alone their makeup products! Almost everything that they do in my opinion rank higher above than any other fashion house. But I am only going to talk about their nail polishes as this is a nail blog. Price point wise Chanel’s nail polishes may not be highly affordable or even actually make much sense to pay such a high price for, they are sold for SGD$38 in Singapore and USD$27 in the US. But for me once in a while I just cannot refrain from buying them especially when they produced such gorgeous shades like the following two that I am going to show you. These two shades are from the L’EtΓ© Papillon de Chanel summer collection. There are actually three colours in this collection but I skipped Lilis as it wasn’t unique enough for me.

Bel-argus is a royal blue metallic finished. Depending on where the light catches it does shifts from lighter to darker blue. I was a little worried about brush strokes at first but it did fade away after it dried. The consistency was great, not thick or thin either, it just flowed nicely on to the nails. I used two coats and top coat for the photos.bel-argusbel-argus1bel-argus2bel-argus3

Azure is a multi chrome that shifts from teal, green to blue. Again consistency was great and brush strokes were minimum. I do suggest to wait for a bit before coating a second or third to avoid brush strokes. I only used two coats and a coat of topcoat for the photos. Very gorgeous colour! Totally love this.azureazure1azure3azure2

I love both of these colours but I think I dig Azure more because the complex shift in colours were more prominent. As I mentioned before forking out SGD$38 may be a little crazy and not all the time you will get what you paid for but I must say these two are worth every cent!

These are limited edition so I am not sure if you can still get it at the store. But I just have a check and it is still available at some major online US retailers like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.



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