Jadefire By Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Happy Sunday! It has so far been a great weekend for me, last night I went to watch Pet Shop Boys’ concert with my sister and had a smashing time! And now I am chilling out listening to music as I write up this post and I am taking the whole week off from work to chill next week! I have been pretty stressed out at work lately and decided that I need to give myself a little more love and take some well deserve rest. I am also taking the time to meet up some close friends and new ones too! So looking forward!

I am going to show you Jadefire by Femme Fatale Cosmetics today. I am a big fan of all shades of green, the weirder the better, this chartreuse base is no exception. Chartreuse colour is not an easy colour to like. In all that chartreuse base there are also abundance of gold and red hex glitters in different sizes and iridescent shimmers. This is a glitter bomb so the formula was on the thick side and it can be difficult to use it on its own. I painted one coat over two coats of OPI Simply Smash-ing and a coat of topcoat.jadefirejadefire2jadefire1

I love this, as I mentioned I like chartreuse colour so how can I not love this? Though the formula was a thick but I am willing to forgive it for the colour. Haha.

I grabbed this at a great discount over at Shoppe Eclecticco when she was clearing stock to get ready for her move to the UK. Shoppe Eclecticco will reopened her UK store with a new name called Rainbow Connection in September. So make sure you add Rainbow Connection FB page to get future updates.

You can also find Femme Fatale Cosmetics’ products at the following online retailers:
Femme Fatale Cosmetics
Beauty So Fly
Harlow & Co.



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