Celestial Cosmetics Swatch Spam Part 1

How has the week been for you? Great I hope! I had a pretty interesting week; I had the pleasure of meeting some new friends from the nail polish community a few days ago. Ever since I started blogging and got on to the Instagram wave 6 months ago, I have met some really fun people from the nail community. This is definitely a refreshing experience for me and it got me to realised that I have been cooked up in my own world, the world that I am used to; the 8am to 6pm work life, the usual group of friends that I keep in touch with and my home life. So much so that I have been conditioned to think that this is the only world existed and did not feel a need to explore the world outside my comfort zone. It is great to step out of that comfort zone once in a while though I wish I have more time and energy to do that, to know more new friends and get away from the norm. Meeting new friends have so far been interesting and fun despite the slight awkwardness initially. I get to meet people from all walks of life but we share the same passion that is the love for nail polish!

Ok enough of rambling and on to swatches. I have three Celestial Cosmetics swatches to show you today and I will show the rest of it at a later post. Celestial Cosmetics is a relatively new Australia brand that started this year I think and they are Big 3 Free.

Mercury Rising. This is the one that started my haul with Celestial Cosmetics. When I first saw swatches of it I was immediately hooked. It is a silver shimmer base with periwinkle micro glitters. I used two coats and one layer of topcoat for my photos but you can actually use three if you like. The formula was good, no issue at all. The colour on the third picture is more colour accurate fyi. mercuryrisingmercuryrising1mercuryrising2

The Pink Planet is aΒ pink leaning towards red jelly base (update: I kept looking at this and it just appear red to me) with silver hex glitters and iridescent glitters. Formula was great and I think I used two coats here. I can’t remember exactly how many coats I used as I lost my notes on the swatches. Very pretty!pinkplanetspinkplanets1pinkplanets2

Galactic Holo is pretty much the usual blue base holographic polish. The formula was great but I did use three coats for the picture and without topcoat. Not the most unique colour but nonetheless pretty.galactichologalacticholo1
With flashgalacticholo2

Out of the three my favourite is Mercury Rising which I took notice of first. I am glad that the formula was easy to work with and it is not just a plain old silver shimmer but with that added periwinkle glitters.

Celestial Cosmetics retails from AUD$8.95 to AUD$9.95 and you can check them out HERE.



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