Excalibur (new version) & Love Is Enough By A England

I guess by now many of you are very familiar with A England and it has become a favourites for many as well. I too adore A England a lot. They have one of the most consistence formula, high quality brush and not to mention beautifully mixed colours. But I often question if A England is a mainstream or indie brand? Somehow I kinda feel that they are stuck in between the two categories, not readily accessible in stores like the mainstream brands but yet they are above indies. I don’t know, what’s your take?

Anyway I have two new A England colours to feature on the blog, Excalibur (new version) and Love Is Enough. This new incarnation Excalibur is a revamped of the old version from The Mythical collection. I do not have the old version to make a comparison but accordingly to many swatches I saw the old version was a silver metallic colour and was prone to brush strokes. Love Is Enough is an new addition to the existing Heavenly Quote collection.

Excalibur is a beautiful champagne foil which under different lighting it may look a little more silvery and sometimes yellowish gold. The formula on this was perfect, glided on evenly and no brushstrokes at all. Super gorgeous! The photos showing two coats and topcoat.excaliburexcalibur1excalibur2

Love Is Enough is a dark olive shimmer foil with gold shimmer accents but I do see a lot of different colours shimmer in there too, rather complex and mythical looking. Formula was perfect and I only needed two coats and topcoat. This is beyond gorgeous and I cannot stop staring at my nails when I swatched it.loveisenoughloveisenough1loveisenough2

Both of these colours are very gorgeous and I feel that these are a must have for any A England fans. I personally prefer Love Is Enough just because I love green/olive base nail polishes and the complexity makes it all really gorgeous and interesting to look at.

These were sent to me by Mei Mei Signatures for my honest review. You can find these and many other shades of A England in her online store

You can also purchase A England directly if you live in the UK as they can only ship within UK now due to restriction. Otherwise you can check out the where-to-buy section for a list of distributors near you.



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