Banana And Watermelon by The Nail Junkie

Hello Monday. It’s the start of a new week and we are already half way through July. I am feeling a little lethargic which is a norm for Monday. My brain is on auto pilot mode which means I feel like I am just gliding through the day like a zombie. πŸ˜›

Though my day seems a little lethargic and boring, good thing I have two super bright swatch of The Nail Junkie to perk things up a little. The Nail Junkie is an US indie brand that is 3 Free and cruelty free. What is really uniquely cute about The Nail Junkie is that they label their 0.5oz bottles without names but pictures, a first for indie brands.

Banana. A neon yellow jelly base with subtle shimmer. This was pretty sheer and I had to use four coats to get somewhat opaque but luckily application was smooth and self leveling, and didn’t end up a gloppy mess like some jelly base that I have tried before.bananabanana1banana2

Watermelon is a neon red orange jelly base with subtle scattered holo particles. This leans more orange than red. OMG, seriously just omg, can this get any more neon?! It is so neon that my photo actually looked a little like I had color splashed it. The formula on this was perfect and I only needed two coats for the photos. But the name confuses me a little, this doesn’t seem very watermelon, it resembles more of an orange or tomato to me. Loving it!watermelonwatermelon1watermelon2

This is what I feel summer colours should look like! Both of these are super bright and traffic stopping colours. I prefer Watermelon to Banana just so because it is super neon and has a better formula.

These were sent to me generously by Mei Mei Signatures for my honest review. πŸ™‚

You can buy these at The Nail Junkie Etsy and Mei Mei Signatures.



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