Glam Polish Swatch Part 2

This weekend has been very eventful for me, yesterday Ikea delivered the stuff that I bought a few days ago. I needed a proper nail work station so I got myself a small table with a super consumer friendly price tag of $29.90 SGD (felt like I have saved a thousand haha), a helmer and a trolley to organise my nail polishes and stuff. And I made another trip to Ikea again today with R as she wanted to check out the helmer herself. My poor boyfriend had to assemble all that up and the helmer was quite a bitch to assemble. Haha! Then today for the first time I finally met the lovely Susan from The Subtle Shimmer for lunch. I had such a blast and certainly this will not be our last meet ups. πŸ™‚

Today I have for you part two of the Glam Polish swatch to show you. The following swatches are from The Rainbowland Collection.

First up, Brite is a yellow creme base with green/turquoise , yellow and fuschia round glitters and rainbow colours of micro glitters. Application was smooth and easy which is fantastic for a yellow and I did three coats and one coat of topcoat for the photos.britebrite1brite2

I.Q. is described as a fuchsia, light pink & lavender round glitters in many sizes and fuchsia and light pink micro glitters in a purple base. Formula was good, no fishing was needed and the photo showing three coats with topcoat. The photos are a little more blue than in real life. This colour has been retired from the collection.iqiq1iq2

Lastly I have Nite Sprite, my favourite of the three! This is a gorgeous metallic blue jelly base with abundance of sparkling silver hex and round gitters. It was easy application except a slight fishing for the round glitters. And this was only two coats. Ths is bling to the max! Love!nitespritenitesprite1nitesprite2

Glam Polish has not disappoint so far and I love that her creations have a lot of varieties of colours. Out of these three my favourite is Nite Sprite. Very bling and love the formula! Even le boyfriend loved it! Haha.

You can get your Glam Polish fix at the following sites:
Glam Polish who currently only ships within Australia.
Mei Mei Signatures who ships internationally.

You can view the part 1 of the swatchΒ HERE. Ok folks time to head off to bed. Good night and have a fantastic week ahead!



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