Elevation Polish View From The Top Swatch Part 2

As promised from a few weeks ago I am going to show you the last two colours from Elevation Polish View From The Top collection. Usually I will not buy the whole collection unless I really like it and know for sure the formula is great. The last two colours from the collections that I am showing you today are Mount Cangyan and Muztagh Ata.

Mount Cangyan is a deep purple jelly with gold and red shimmers. I like that this is not just plain purple but added with a little something more, the gold and red shimmers make it prettier. The formula on this was a little thick but a little thinner will solve the problem. The photo showing two coats with topcoat.mountcangyanmountcangyan1mountcangyan2

Muztagh Ata is a teal base polish with scattered holographic finish. Though the holographic is not very strong, it is still very pretty and unique and I did not have a teal holographic polish in my stash. I used two coats for opacity and didn’t have any issue with applications. The last photo is with flash just to show you the holographic effect on this.

With flash

I am happy with the whole collection. Out of these two I love Muztagh Ata the most because I don’t see much teal holographic colours before and totally unique in  my stash. You can view the part 1 of the collection HERE.

You can buy these at Elevation Polish.



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