Glam Polish Swatch Spam Part 1

How has weekend been for everyone? For me it’s the same, a lot of swatching and spending time with my boyfriend and that’s my perfect kind of weekend. Any how today I have some Glam Polish to show you. In fact I am going to show you swatches from Glam Polish in three parts as I hauled a lot of their polishes lately. Glam Polish is a big 3 free brand from Australia and I have been lemming for them for a while, fortunately the sweet Mei Mei Signatures brought it in to her store so now the whole world have access to it! Thank you gal!

The following three colours are from the Bedtime Stories Collection. 

First up Narnia, it is a white creme base with rhombus/diamond teal glitters, magenta and teal stars glitters, teal hex glitters and tons of magenta and teal microglitters. Now, usually for white creme base polish it can have application issues but the formula on this is super super super awesome, I dare say the formula is by far the best I ever tried for a white creme, it is that good! Smooth and even. And I only used two coats in my photos! Thumbs up!narnianarnia1narnia2

Nickle Nackle is a vibrant blue creme base with pink, purple and turquoise hex glitters in different sizes, big round turquoise glitters and microglitters. I did fish a little for the big glitters but so worth it. The formula was a little thin so I used three coats for the photos and it did dry to a pretty gloss. Love the combination of the colours in this!nicklenacklenicklenackle1nicklenackle2

I kept the best for last! Secret Garden is a neon glitters topper in a clear base with neon pink, blue and yellow hex glitters in different sizes, blue and pink square glitters, pink butterflies glitters and yellow microglitters. Formula was great but I did a little placement to make it look even out on the nails, otherwise no issue. This looks great in white base but I decided to paint it on a blue base instead, want to give it a bright on bright feel. I am so loving this, its bright and fun! This was one coat on top of two coats of Barry M Gelly in Blue Grape.secretgardensecretgarden1secretgarden2secretgarden3

I am so with in love with Glam Polish now. The mix, the formula and the colours hit on the right spot!! And I’m glad that I actually hauled many of them. Haha. I love all three of them but my absolute love goes to Secret Garden. Totally love the neon glitters, the combination is out of this world! Well done Rachel!

You can buy Glam Polish at her Bigcartel Store if you live in Australia, or buy them at Mei Mei Signatures who is the currently the only international retailer that carries them.



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