Lacquer Lust Swatch: Orion, Venus and Taurus

Happy weekend! Today I have three gorgeous new shades by Lacquer Lust to show you, Orion, Venus and Taurus. From the names my guess is that they are space galaxy inspired. They are all dark duochrome jelly shades with sparkles that resemblance stars and galaxies. Let the swatches speak for itself shall we?

Orion. This shines teal shimmer that shifts slightly to purple at an angle and with holo particles too. Formula on this was great, self leveling and I only needed two coats.orionorion1orion2

Venus is mainly made up of blue shimmers with scattered holo and it flashes purple at different angles. The colour shift in this is the most prominent among the three. I did capture a little of the colour shift to purple with my three fingers photos which you can see below. Another with amazing formula but it was a little thin so I used three coats and topcoat in the photos. I was actually surprise with this as I didn’t think I would loved it so much looking from the bottle. venusvenus1venus2venus3

Taurus has green shimmers with holo particles and the colour shifts from green to gold. The shimmers and particles are more coarse than the other two and the holo effect is not as strong too but nonetheless still a beauty. Formula on this was beyond perfection. The photos showing three coats with topcoat.taurustaurus1taurus2

Overall I am super happy and love all three a lot that I can’t choose an absolute favourite. But if I have to it has to be Venus because it surprised me as I didn’t think I love it so much by looking at the bottle and also the colour shift on Venus is the most prominent and pretty. Most importantly all three has perfect formula. Dark shades with duochrome plus holo particles, I am sold right away! You gotta get these!

All three shades are new and they will soon be available at Lacquer Lust bigcartel store and at Shoppe Eclecticco. Don’t forget to follow Lacquer Lust Facebook and Shoppe Eclecticco Facebook for updates on the availability. You can also find Lacquer Lust’s polishes at Harlow & Co.



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