Man Eater by Lumina Lacquer

This is going to be a quick post as it is too darn hot for me to want to do anything at all. You see, where I live which is Singapore is currently affected by the forest fire from Indonesia, hence we are getting a lot of haze which is at unhealthy level. Mega haze equal to freaking hot weather and difficulty in breathing for some. Even doing effortless things like typing out a blog post makes me sweat my pants! Argh! Stupid haze!

Man Eater by Lumina Lacquer is a glitter bomb topper consist of reflective silver half moon, heart, hex in different sizes, big round and black stars glitters. And I also noticed a small amount of tiny bar black glitters which didn’t translate to the nails. The formula on this was a little thick and I had to use the dab and placing methods to paint it else it will appear overcrowding on the nails. It has a lot going on and super reflective. The photo showing one coat over two coats of Color Club Wild Orchid with topcoat. You probably need two to three coats of topcoat for this.

I am on the fence with this one as I think there is too much going on,  kinda overcrowding if I’ll be honest. If you like super reflective nails this is for you.  I probably will prefer it to have none of the heart glitters and less of the hex glitters.

You can buy this from Mei Mei Signatures and this was sent to me by Mei Mei Signatures for review.

Update: I want to add that the glitters lie flat on the nails though it looked like it curled on the photos.


2 thoughts on “Man Eater by Lumina Lacquer

  1. I just wanted to show some love for your blog! I think your swatches are amazing… I’m surely going to follow you with Bloglovin’!

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