Black Forest By Emily de Molly Swatch

This weekend has so far been a little productive for me as I started to sort out my nail polish drawers and I was also taking down inventory, listed them down on to an excel sheet and next weekend I am going to attempt to swatch them on swatch sticks! While I was going through the blog I realised that I have not been giving much love to Emily de Molly polishes, I have not blogged much about them which is actually strange as they are one of my favourite Aussis indie polishes. So I am going to blog about them in the next two post.

Black Forest is a black jelly base filled with green hex glitters. Being a jelly I am surprise that it went on smoothly and I didn’t have to fish any of the glitters. If you do not want to use a base you have to at least used 3 coats for opacity. You can also consider using a black base if you wanna layer it. blackforestblackforest1blackforest2

I am intrigued with this and love this colour a lot. It has so much depth, very edgy and devilish looking! And good formula is always a plus point.

You can buy Emily de Molly products at these stores:
Emily de Molly Etsy
Shoppe Eclecticco



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