More By Different Dimension Swatch

I have yet another post for you this weekend. I know we haven’t been a blog that post on a daily basis. Work, family and other commitments are pretty much the things that keep us busy daily. Weekends are pretty much the only time we have for nail swatches and there are so much to do so little time. Don’t we all feel so?

In case you are wondering why are my nails so nubs, I basically chipped a few of my nails while holidaying in Japan. I made a mistake by not wearing any nail polish not even a hardener base coat to protect it. Huge mistake! The weather in Japan was a little chilly and dry so that made it easier for nails to chip. I am still trying to get used to this length and honestly I feel that this is too nubs. You see my nail beds are big and when I have nubs they look like dwarf and fat! Haha. Ok enough of rumbling on to swatches shall we?

MoreΒ is a glitter topper in clear base with pink, red and white hex and heart glitters. Though the formula was a little thick, it wasn’t that difficult to deal with. No fishing was needed and I had two or more heart glitters on the brush each time. I used one coat over two coats of Illamasqua’s Load.


This polish is super cute and sweet because of the heart glitters. I love and enjoyed wearing it a lot. Different Dimension’s polishes retails at her Etsy store or at Mei Mei Signatures.



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