Pretty Serious Cosmetics Purple Monkey Dishwasher Swatch

Today I am very excited to show you a new shade by Pretty Serious Cosmetics named Purple Monkey Dishwasher provided by the lovely Mei Mei Signatures for my honest review.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher contains sparkling vibrant violet micro glitters in purple jelly base. Formula is good but you have to work fast with this as it dries pretty fast else it may end up a little goppy. And what’s great is that it is self leveling. The first coat did go on a little sheer and I think it is at its best with 3 coats and this did dry to a semi matte, one coat of topcoat is recommended. When Mei Mei Signatures asked if I like to review this colour I was a little scared as it is a purple shade and purple is camera’s nemesis! Most purple will turned out blue on camera. I had a hard time capturing this stunning purple shade on my camera that I had to use my Iphone 5 to take the following pictures. And I did some colour adjustment too to get it true to colour. So, pardon me if the following pictures ain’t great.


I love wearing this type of purple shade, dark purple with blue undertone and plus under the sunlight Purple Monkey Dishwasher is super sparkly but it was a pain to photograph. It is a must have for purple colour lovers! So head over to Mei Mei Signatures to grab yourself a bottle! She ships worldwide and has excellent customer service!



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